Experts in Risk & Emergency Management

bnj consultants pty ltd provides a wide range of management consultancy services to the oil & gas sector, the power generation industries and Local Government. We provide a knowledgeable and in depth network for regional representation of the Eyre Peninsula and the western areas of South Australia.


We are focussed on:

  • Regional representation
  • Community consultation
  • Environmental Plan contributions and review
  • Risk management -review of plans and exercise management of the plans
  • Shore representation for the offshore oil & gas sector
  • Provision of training management packages for Local Government
  • Emergency management
  • Writing, implementing and exercising of Business Continuity Plans
  • Executive crisis management training
  • Conduct of oil rig audits for emergency management
  • Review and implementation of Medical Emergency Response Plans (particularly of the upstream oil & gas sectors.)
  • Marine logistics